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Work Philosophy
Our work philosophy and our fundamental objective is to enhance our wonderful products Italians in the World and provide our customers a high quality product and reliable service.
The society
The L.G International Ltd. is headquartered in Cepagatti, you occupants of consulting Commercial, Marketing, Promotion and Internationalization Food Products Wine, Liquor and Spirits as well as enhancement of Local Products
The mission
Our Mission And to enhance our Made in Italy in the World, Eat and Drink All you our beautiful country has to offer. Our commitment your help, your suggestions and your collaboration will be our strength.
The founder of the project is
 Luigi Giampaolo www.luigiampaolo.com
Companies Customers - Partners of this project
Abruzzo Vini Srl www.abruzzovini.com,
Bellizzi 1906 srl www.bellizzi1906.com,
The Giulianese Jams www.lagiulianese.it
Italian home, www.casaitaliana.eu
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L.G. International Belgique belgique@lginternational.com
L.G. International India india@lginternational.com

The company ABRUZZO VINI S.r.l. It born in the year 1999.

Its headquarters are located in the valley of Pescara, on fertile ground, good for the growth of vineyards and with special unique climatic conditions of this area, characterized by a pleasant contrast of sea and mountains.
The grapes selected for our company come from vineyards grown in a hilly area that is 300 to 600 meters above sea level.
Harvesting is done exclusively by hand after careful selection of the best bunches.
The clayey nature of the soil and the position of the vineyards allow to differentiate the production and to carry out the right blends.
The selection begins already from the vineyards through the control of fertilization and pruning and use of natural parasitic. The well protected grapes are more rich in antioxidants elements, vitamins and protein.
Abruzzo Vini S.r.l. It works using the most modern technological means to guarantee the quality of its productions.
Abruzzo Vini S.r.l. It has two different lines such as "Villa Giulia" and "Giampaolo", and an organic line "Villa Giulia" wines made with certified and tested according to the organic standards for organic products.
To accompany the wines there is also a great "Giampaolo and Villa Giulia Extra Virgin Olive Oil" produced with millstones and collected from the best olive trees on the hills of Abruzzo.
The recovery and the development of Abruzzo local traditional products is a pride of this company and a reference for those seeking a truly unique product.

 The company BELLIZZI 1906 SRL, founded in 2003,

 It operates in the food sector by offering high quality Italian products, diversified into a wide range of choice. The lines include jams, honey, sauces, homemade pasta, olive oil, croutons and almond biscuits.

 In 2006, Bellizzi 1906 Ltd. acquired the extra jams brand "The Giulianese" adding to its wide range of other fruit flavors and products of Senapati line for cheese and snacks, all products without preservatives and dyes.

The products offered to large national and international clients are linked to the regional culinary tradition: crostini to pizza, rosemary, olive oil and pepper, the nooks, the famous Italian biscuits, fragrant sauces, the extra oil virgin olive hills of Abruzzo and bronze-cut pasta. Numerous are in fact the countries where you can meet these products to the United States, France and Germany.
The lines are divided as follows:
-Confetture "The Giulianese" apricot, black cherry, cherry, figs, kiwi, orange, blackberry, lemon, berries, cherries, strawberries, peaches, plums, quinces, blueberries, raspberries, grapes and chestnut cream.
- "The Giulianese" acacia honey, millefiori, lime, orange, honeydew and chestnut
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Ready Sauces for bruschetta, the fagiolata, puttanesca sauce, all'arrabbiata, amatriciana, contadina, ortolana mushrooms.
Crostini with olive oil, pizza, garlic, rosemary, pepper